Actos (pioglitazone): Popular Diabetes Drug Has Potential to Increase Risk of Bladder Cancer

Evidence is building that the use of the diabetes medication Actos (pioglitazone) may be associated with an increased risk of bladder cancer. Actos is a diabetes medication that is manufactured by Takeda Pharmaceuticals, and it is prescribed by doct

ors in accordance with an overall program that includes a healthy diet and a regiment of exercise in an viagra price effort to control the symptoms and problems

associated with type 2 diabetes. To date, Actos remains available on the American market.

Unfortunately, reports of Actos side effects that included the development of bladder cancer led to the medication being pulled from the market in France in June of 2011 and to the United States Food and Drug Administration to approve new Actos cancer warnings for patients in August of 2011.

Health Canada issued a warning on April 19, 2012 that the diabetes drug Actos may cause an increased risk of bladder cancer. Authorities there also stated they had come to an agreement with Takeda Pharmaceuticals, maker of the drug, to add a label warning addressing the risk.

An FDA Safety Alert reported the agency is aware of a

recent epidemiological study conducted in France which suggests an increased risk of bladder cancer with pioglitazone. Based on the results of this study, France has suspended the use of pioglitazone and Germany has recommended not to start pioglitazone in new patients.


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