Are Brain-Eating Amoeba Killing People Who Use Neti Pots to Treat Sinuses?

I saw an article this morning on MSNBC with the headline: “Neti pots linked to brain-eating amoeba deaths.” This seemed like a story tha

t should be posted on I never like to write a story based on just one source, so I headed over to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to see what they said about it. I ran a search on the CDC site for “brain-eating amoeba,” and got multiple hits. I don’t recommend that anyone other than a doctor or scientist read those articles.

The point of

the story (other than the sad loss of life) is that, if you’re going to use a neti pot for your sinuses, be sure to

use sterile water, not tap water. There may be some brain-eating amoeba in that tap water. Here’s a picture from the CDC site:


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