Some websites go dark to express opposition to SOPA bill

If you”ve run a search on Google”s

home page, you probably notices a black censorship bar like the one on the screenshot below.

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-to-sopa-bill/attachment/googlesopa” rel=”attachment wp-att-200″>What”s going on? As the post below this one  tells you, there is an important bill before Congress that affects the rights of everyone who uses the Internet. Wikipedia and Google are protesting the bill, which they believe fosters censorship in the name of copyright protection.

In the opinion of the publisher of, SOPA is well-intentioned, but it”s bad legislation. The bill requires websites to be shut down based on allegations of copyright violations. There casino online real money are already copyright laws on the books that allow copyright holders to collect financial damages from copyright violators. While this may be hard, or impossible, against websites run by teenagers without the funds to pay a judgment, it is our opinion that the threat to Freedom of Speech is too great for Congress to pass this flawed bill. We join with others asking viagra for sale you to contact your congressman to ask him or her to vote against SOPA.

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