AAA adds electric battery charging service for electric vehicles

If you own an electric vehicle such as the Nissan Leaf, one of the biggest problems you have with the car is actually getting it charged. The AAA recently announced that it will be offering mobile charging in some areas to people driving green elect

ric vehicles. The new roadside assistance trucks/charging units will become available by the second quarter of 2012.

The new roadside assistance trucks will have the ability to provide both level 3 and level 2 charging for people whose electric vehicles run low on power. The trucks will provide around a 15 minute charge time which will give the vehicle enough juice to take it around 15 miles to the nearest specialized charging station.

The AAA has announced that these electric vehicle charging trucks will initially be available in six major metropolitan areas across America. The program will be pilot tested in Seattle and Portland, and

then soon after in Knoxville, Los Angeles, Tennessee, Tampa Bay and San Francisco. According to John Neilsen, an AAA executive, the main intention here is to expand the service to members who are interested

across the whole country. The pilot phase will mostly be used as a way to research various technologies in order to find the best fit for various environments.

The trucks, which were showcased at the latest AAA conference, use a number of lithium ion batteries manufactured by the Green Charge Network. In addition, the trucks will also use generators which are

powered by various alternative fuels and power sources. Another good thing about the new trucks announced by the AAA as compared to ones used in other countries is the fact that the trucks will also be able to provide regular services such as jump starts, tire changes, lockout service, fuel delivery and battery testing.

Staples used in thoracic surgery recalled after injuries and 3 deaths

Covidien, the maker of staples used in thoracic surgery has recalled two product lines after receiving reports of 13 serious post-operative injuries and three deaths.

Covidien issued a statement saying that its Duet TRS staples have “the potential to injure adjacent anatomical structures within the thorax” and could cause potentially fatal harm to a patient.

Included in the recall are:

  • DUET4535 Duet TRS 45 3.5 mm Straight Sulu
  • DUET4535A Duet TRS casino 45 3.5 mm Articulating Sulu
  • DUET4548 Duet TRS 45 4.8 mm Straight Sulu
  • DUET4548A Duet TRS 45 4.8 mm Articulating Sulu
  • DUET6035 Duet TRS 60 3.5 mm viagra Straight Sulu
  • DUET6035A Duet TRS 60 3.5 mm Articulating Sulu
  • DUET6048 Duet TRS 60 4.8 mm Straight Sulu
  • DUET6048A Duet TRS 60 4.8 mm Articulating online pharmacy no prescription Sulu