Staples used in thoracic surgery recalled after injuries and 3 deaths

Covidien, the maker of staples used in thoracic surgery has recalled two product lines after receiving reports of 13 serious post-operative injuries and three deaths.

Covidien issued a statement saying that its Duet TRS staples have “the potential to injure adjacent anatomical structures within the thorax” and could cause potentially fatal harm to a patient.

Included in the recall are:

  • DUET4535 Duet TRS 45 3.5 mm Straight Sulu
  • DUET4535A Duet TRS casino 45 3.5 mm Articulating Sulu
  • DUET4548 Duet TRS 45 4.8 mm Straight Sulu
  • DUET4548A Duet TRS 45 4.8 mm Articulating Sulu
  • DUET6035 Duet TRS 60 3.5 mm viagra Straight Sulu
  • DUET6035A Duet TRS 60 3.5 mm Articulating Sulu
  • DUET6048 Duet TRS 60 4.8 mm Straight Sulu
  • DUET6048A Duet TRS 60 4.8 mm Articulating online pharmacy no prescription Sulu