Ford Taurus unintended-acceleration complaints leads to investigation

The National Highway

Traffic Safety Administration is investigating about 360,000 Ford Taurus models from the 2005-6 model years for problems causing unintended acceleration, according to the buy viagra online pharmacy

2/possible-unintended-acceleration-hazard-prompts-investigation-of-the-ford-taurus/?ref=nationalhighwaytrafficsafetyadministration&pagewanted=all”>New York Times.

The NHTSA said it has received 14 complaints from drivers who’ve had problems stopping their cars because the cars accelerated after their throttles became stuck. NHTSA investigators are looking at cruise control cables as the possible cause.

NHTSA has not yet decided whether to issue a recall of all 360,000 cars. If you have experienced unintended acceleration in your Ford Taurus, you can help the investigation by filing

a complaint at the NHTSA’s