Bargain Shoppers: When you're out browsing be sure you don't bring home something dangerous

Buyers better look out when they head to the thrift store to catch a
bargain. What you walk out with might be defective, recalled, loaded
with toxic material and explosive.

Many people don’t think about that when they are bargain hunting

Apparently the government has thought about this problem.

Congress passed the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008
(CPSIA). The law likely will make dramatic changes for the
marketplace. Before re-selling products, Consumer Product Safety
Commission encourages re-sellers to check its Web site,,
to determine if the product has been recalled.This Information Center
is intended to help sellers of used products understand the new law
and existing regulations.  [Continue reading…]

Are Facebook and Twitter really more addictive than alcohol and tobacco?

You’ll probably be reading about this soon all over Facebook and Twitter. Social media users are at greater risk of becoming addicted to Facebook and Twitter than cigarettes and alcohol, if a new study from the University of Chicago’s Booth School

of Business is correct.

The one-week study polled

205 people in Germany via Blackberry smartphones 7 times per day to ask if they had experienced a desire to use a social network within the past thirty minutes, and whether they had given in to that desire. They were also

asked to rate the desires from “mild” to “irresistible.” Out of the 10,558 responses, a total of 7,827 “desire episodes” were reported by participants. [Continue reading…]