Bargain Shoppers: When you're out browsing be sure you don't bring home something dangerous

Buyers better look out when they head to the thrift store to catch a
bargain. What you walk out with might be defective, recalled, loaded
with toxic material and explosive.

Many people don’t think about that when they are bargain hunting

Apparently the government has thought about this problem.

Congress passed the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008
(CPSIA). The law likely will make dramatic changes for the
marketplace. Before re-selling products, Consumer Product Safety
Commission encourages re-sellers to check its Web site,,
to determine if the product has been recalled.This Information Center
is intended to help sellers of used products understand the new law
and existing regulations. 

Selling recalled products is now illegal. The law sets limits for lead
in paint and for lead content. Additionally, three types of phthalates
are permanently prohibited in certain toys and child care articles and
three other phthalates are prohibited temporarily  in certain child
care articles and children’s product that can be placed in a child’s

The purpose of this the website is to help identify the types of
products that are affected and to help resellers understand how to
comply with the law, in order to keep unsafe products out of the hands
of buyers. Bargain shoppers who regularly buy used products may also
find this information helpful in avoiding products that could harm
them or their family.

The CPSC expects the new requirements on importers and manufacturers
of products should lead to safer products in the resale market in the
future, but right now, resellers need to be able to determine what
products they can

resell safely and what products they can’t. So check
the website. Ignoring this

new source of safety information may be
very costly indeed.

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