Medpor nose implants can lead to nasty infections

Medpor Nose Implants Subject of New Study

A new study shows that Medpor nose implants have a much higher rate of infections than previously believed. In almost every case of infection found in the study, the implant be

gan poking out through the surgical wound. The study was published in the journal Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery.

By contrast, there were no complications when the surgeons grafted cartilage from the patients’ own bodies, such as nose, ear or rib cartilage.

“The infection rate was extremely high and startling,” said Dr. Andrew Winkler, a plastic surgeon at the University of Colorado in Denver, who led the study. [Continue reading…]

Social Media: The Strongest Consumer Protection Weapon?

Between 1988 and 2008, the number of workers employed by American multinational corporations grew from 24.1 million to 32.9 million, with U.S.-based parent companies accounting for nearly 25 percent of the nation”s private-sector output1,2order viagraub>. In other words, big business is getting bigger. And thanks to advances in technology, globalization is easier than ever, suggesting that the trend is not going to stop any time soon. So what does that mean for consumers?

The potential implications are disturbing: as industrial power is consolidated into a smaller number of larger companies, availability of choice narrows, and one of the primary powers of consumer protection – the ability to embargo – is threatened. After all, if you can”t take

your business elsewhere and speak with your spending money, it”s hard to protect yourself from big, bad business. Somewhat ironically, though, the same technological advances that are strengthening corporations have also emboldened consumers. Social media in particular has been a powerful tool for consumers looking to protect themselves, as is illustrated in recent controversies concerning Bank of America and Verizon. [Continue reading…]