Medpor nose implants can lead to nasty infections

Medpor Nose Implants Subject of New Study

A new study shows that Medpor nose implants have a much higher rate of infections than previously believed. In almost every case of infection found in the study, the implant be

gan poking out through the surgical wound. The study was published in the journal Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery.

By contrast, there were no complications when the surgeons grafted cartilage from the patients’ own bodies, such as nose, ear or rib cartilage.

“The infection rate was extremely high and startling,” said Dr. Andrew Winkler, a plastic surgeon at the University of Colorado in Denver, who led the study.

Grafting cartilage from the patients’ own bodies is not always an option. In those cases, surgeons typically use Medpor or Gore-Tex implants. The study found an infection rate of only 5% with Gore-Tex. However, Gore-Tex and Medpor are different types of implants, and are not interchangeable.

“Whenever you are undergoing a rhinoplasty, make sure you have a very frank conversation with your surgeon,” said Dr. Winkler. “There are always pros and cons.”

Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, chief of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery at Boston Medical Center, was interviewed by Medcity News about the study.

And when artificial implants get infected, he added, giving antibiotics often is not enough. Instead, the implants will have to be taken out, leading to another surgery.

Spiegel, who was not involved with the new study, said using the patient’s own cartilage from the body is usually possible, although it takes longer than using a plastic implant. Harvesting that cartilage comes with its own risk of complications, but Spiegel said it is minimal.

“I just don’t see it,” he told Reuters Health.

Nose surgery, also called rhinoplasty, is the cialis most commonly performed type of cosmetic surgery on men or women under the age of thirty-five.

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